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Atlas Protection Solutions is proud to introduce:

Executive Estate Security and Transportation Service!

In addition to our off duty officer and uniformed security sectors, we now provide fixed residential security details that include transportation service.

In our fast paced grind, even average households, are feeling the pinch of getting the kids to school, and activities, alongside taking the household staff to Costco and the like.

On an executive level, all of that must be managed, with the peace of mind that your loved ones and assets are safely guarded.

That’s where ATLAS comes in!

Our Executive Security and Transportation Service allows executives and their families to enjoy the quality of life that’s been attained, without the stresses of worrying about your family or home’s well-being.

Post Staff:

Each member of the ATLAS security team has been thoroughly vetted and is a proven professional in the security industry. Through their military, law enforcement, and security backgrounds, they have distinguished themselves to be diligent, trustworthy, and devoted. Each ATLAS security agent has worked in celebrity and hi-profile executive environments and fully understands the emphasis on flexibility, loyalty, and discretion.

Post Vehicle:

ATLAS will provide and maintain the post vehicle, as well as the appropriate commercial insurance coverage. Each agent must maintain a clean driving record and will be listed on the insurance policy. For flexibility, and the added safety of our clients, we typically deploy full size SUV’s. However, the post vehicle may be adjusted to accommodate our client.

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